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When to Consider Custom LMS Development

Whatever your requirements, our LMS development company will accompany you on your path to technological excellence!

Your organization has unique educational processes, curricula, and teaching methods

Commercially available LMS solutions do not integrate well with your IT infrastructure

Off-the-shelf LMS products do not meet your customization requirements or lack functionality that is critical for your organization—think AI capabilities, custom dashboards, or immersive learning technologies

Your requirements regarding data privacy and security are remarkably strict

In the long run, a custom-built LMS solution would prove to be a more cost-effective option than commercially available tools

There is a risk of vendor lock-in—a situation where your company may become over-reliant on a specific LMS provider for software updates, maintenance, and the execution of key processes and operations

Aimeice’s Custom LMS Development Services at a Glance

Build a custom LMS solution to overcome the limitations of off-the-shelf learning management systems! Our custom LMS development and consulting services encompass:

LMS Consulting

Aimeice’s LMS consulting services span requirements analysis, feasibility studies, technology stack selection, UI/UX audits, compliance assessments, and employee training

Custom LMS Development

Our LMS development company creates platform-agnostic, feature-rich LMS solutions with intuitive interfaces, scalable back ends, and limitless integration options

LMS Integration Services

We will sync your custom learning management system with CRM, CMS, HR, accounting, and resource planning tools, enabling end-to-end data interoperability.

Custom LMS Enhancement

As part of our custom LMS development services, Aimeice Tech. will enhance learning management systems built by third-parties with innovative features to meet your evolving needs.

LMS Migration Services

Aimeice’s LMS developers will help you move data, functionality, and workflows from outdated learning management platforms to sleek, custom-made LMS solutions.

LMS Maintenance and Support

Our custom LMS development services include post-launch support. If you need to augment your LMS solution with new modules or optimize infrastructure costs, we’re here to help!

Our Custom LMS Solutions Transform Education

Tap into our custom LMS development services to create learning management software catering to the needs of offline, online, and hybrid education environments.

Custom LMS solutions that enable organizations to seamlessly author different types of educational content and support various content formats by default

LMS solutions that redefine the educational process, from student enrollment to course assignment, progress tracking, grading, and reporting, while keeping students and educators in the loop

Cross-platform learning management systems that deliver seamless experiences on mobile devices, as well as mobile and web browsers

LMS software solutions with robust social capabilities, such as RSS feeds, forums, comments, likes, and built-in integration with social networks

Learning management system solutions that use gamification techniques and features, including leadership boards, ratings, badges, and in-app currency

Custom LMS products that will help you manage data responsibly, meet accessibility guidelines, and comply with regulations such as GDPR, FERPA, COPPA, and CCPA

EdTech Solutions We’ve Built so Far

Aimeice Tech. provides exceptional eLearning development services
resulting in EdTech solutions that benefit our clients and make us proud


Space Ed. – Education Management Platform

Be.Live is designed to be the ultimate streaming tool, offering both simplicity and a rich set of features for content creators and businesses.

Our goal was to develop a platform that eliminates the technical complexities of live streaming, enabling users to focus on creating engaging content.

Be.Live supports multiple streaming formats, interactive features, and seamless integration with popular social media platforms.









Why Choose Aimeice Tech. as Your LMS Development Company?

Industry-specific expertise

Aimeice Tech. specializes in education software development and consulting services. This means we are familiar with the innards, challenges, and best practices of custom LMS development.

Focus on customers’ needs

We never build custom LMS solutions without a thorough assessment of your requirements. If custom LMS development is not the best fit for your needs, we will suggest an alternative.

Full-stack LMS development services

From expert LMS consulting to UI/UX design, back-end and front-end development, and testing, there is no custom LMS development need we cannot fulfill.

Ability to innovate

Whether you’re an educational institution or an enterprise heavily invested in employee and customer training, we’ll help you create custom LMS solutions that use the latest technologies, from artificial intelligence to augmented and virtual reality, to supercharge the learning experience.

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