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When Should You Look into eLearning App Development Services?

Both educational institutions and emerging startups may require eLearning app development services to fill specific gaps in their EdTech needs:

Off-the-shelf educational technology solutions can be difficult to customize and costly to operate, especially when your user base grows significantly

Commercially available products may not sync well with existing software solutions for student recruitment, enrollment, and management

The only way to add specific features to EdTech products, such as AI-based data analytics or immersive learning technologies, is to collaborate with an eLearning app development company

No third-party EdTech product can grant total control and ownership of your data, preventing your organization from meeting industry and region-specific regulations

Despite higher initial investments, using eLearning app development services may prove to be a more cost-effective option in the long run

You are working on an innovative EdTech product and looking for eLearning app developers to augment your team

What eLearning App Development Services Does Aimeice Offer?

Aimeice Tech, a company with real-world experience developing educational software solutions, can assist you with:

eLearning App Development Consulting

Whether you are a K-12 institution or a business that values employee development, our eLearning app development company will create a winning technical vision for your project.

eLearning App UI/UX Design

For your software solutions, our educational app developers will create intuitive navigation logic and attractive user interfaces to amplify customer satisfaction and retention.

Custom eLearning App Development

Use our eLearning app development services to create bespoke web, mobile, and hybrid applications that improve educational experiences and perform well regardless of workload.

eLearning Application Integration

Aimeice’s education app developers will integrate newly acquired or built software with ERP suites, HR systems, LMS solutions, and payment services to ensure seamless data exchange.

eLearning App Customization

Besides creating custom eLearning solutions, our educational app development company can help improve your existing apps by enabling gamification mechanisms, integrating AI, and more!

eLearning Application Maintenance

Aimeice’s eLearning app development services extend far beyond application launch. Contact us for cloud infrastructure optimization, ongoing support, or feature set enhancement!

What eLearning Application Development Experience Does Aimeice Have?


Be.Live – Effortless Live Streaming Platform

Be.Live is designed to be the ultimate streaming tool, offering both simplicity and a rich set of features for content creators and businesses.

Our goal was to develop a platform that eliminates the technical complexities of live streaming, enabling users to focus on creating engaging content.

Be.Live supports multiple streaming formats, interactive features, and seamless integration with popular social media platforms.










Space Ed. – Education Management Platform

Innovative education management platform designed to revolutionize the learning experience.

Our aim was to create an intuitive, user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrates various educational tools and resources, catering to both educators and students.

The platform supports a wide range of functionalities, including course management, real-time collaboration, and personalized learning paths.









How Do We Approach eLearning App Development?

Our eLearning app development company will assist your organization in adopting and reaping the benefits of cutting-edge educational technologies.

We Speak Your Language

We solve the challenges your organization is facing, from students’ learning loss to technological disparities and novel teaching modes, through expert eLearning app development.

We Aim for Value

When engaged in eLearning application development, we meticulously assess our clients’ requirements and existing IT infrastructure to determine the most effective approach.

We Create What You Need

Aimeice’s eLearning app developers will add powerful functionality to your EdTech solutions—i.e., progress tracking, rewards, notifications, multimedia content support, and more!

We Stay on the Alert

Our education app development company is constantly up to date on educational technology advancements, assisting clients in identifying and implementing missing software features.

Why Collaborate with Our Education App Development Company?

Full-stack engineering capabilities

Aimeice Tech. is not your average education mobile app development company. Our know-how also includes back-end and front-end software engineering, cloud-native app development, and a wide range of emerging technologies, from AI to IoT and extended reality.

Domain expertise

Aimeice Tech. has an in-house team of EdTech consultants who are intimately familiar with the industry. We will not only assist you with eLearning web and mobile development but also with navigating the regulatory compliance landscape and ensuring end-to-end app and data integration.

Flexible collaboration models

While we specialize in outcome-driven, agile eLearning application development, we take on fixed-price projects, too. Aimeice can also lend engineering talent through the staff augmentation model or form a dedicated team for your project. Get in touch to discuss the details!

Cost efficiency

Aimeice tailors educational app development services to customers’ needs. After carefully considering your project requirements, we’ll recommend a potent mix of proprietary and open-source technologies to stay within your budget. And if you’re after an MVP, we may propose no-code and low-code options.

Product mindset

When it comes to eLearning app development services, we think about impact rather than code and features. Whether you want to modernize legacy solutions, migrate to a new SIS product, or create a custom LMS, Aimeice Tech. can help!

Skills beyond EdTech

An eLearning app development company at its core, Aimeice has also successfully ventured into other territories, from FinTech to business process automation. This knowledge enables us to evaluate your education app development requirements from various perspectives and create a fail-proof strategy.

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